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Careers in Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy can offer you an excellent career provided you are happy to care for people. This vocation will involve physical therapy such as tissue manipulation, specifically targeted exercises, practicing certain techniques that can enable patients to return to the mainstream of functionality.

What Does Rehabilitation Therapy Involve?

Rehabilitation therapy involves a series of targeted physical therapy, which are usually custom-made for people who suffer from cognitive, mental, physical or sensory problems. This works in combination with occupational therapy and physical therapy. Occupational therapy involves methods, which prepare people to return to their daily routines while physical therapy involves all types of exercises and processes which manipulates the body into full and unaided movement. Together, these three make rehabilitation therapy.

In other words, rehabilitation therapy is what helps a person come back to the mainstream of functionality in the fastest way possible in order to help the patients gain control of their lives again. A successful rehabilitation therapy program will be able to evaluate the requirements of the patient and work towards helping him/her gain total control upon themselves and their lives, so they can live independent of any outside help.

There are a number of professional rehabilitation therapy schools for those who are interested in taking up a career in this line. Depending upon your inclination, time and commitment you can take up a degree course, associate degree course, diploma, rehabilitation technician course, or even certificate courses. Each one of them has its own platform and vision for working in the field of rehabilitation.

Of course, you also get to study for the standard Bachelor of Science and Masters, which can be followed up by post-graduate specialization courses. These courses further branches out into specializations, such as geriatric rehabilitation, adult, pediatric, adolescent and so on which gets coupled with physical, occupational and psychological therapies.

You have to keep in mind that if you choose this career, you will need to have an inherent caring nature, capacity to work hard with seemingly unresponsive people, and have a tremendous amount of patience. If you have all this, the job satisfaction can be highly rewarding because you will make a lot of difference in people’s lives.

Those who want to study in this line will need to apply to the relevant universities/ colleges as per the formalities quoted by the respective institutions. In order to find out the details, you can use the internet to look at websites where you can apply online.

The remuneration in this field is excellent. The starting salary in this line would be about $40,000 a year, which can grow within a short gap of five years to a very comfortable sum of $60-70,000.

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