Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Rise in the Demand for Rehabilitation Equipment

There is a great need for rehabilitation equipment in today’s market place. Modern medicine has extended the life expectancy of the population and thus presented society with many people who while living longer may require some assistance with their health care and daily support.

Our medical knowledge has also increased the survival rate for traumatic accidents and illness. People surviving strokes, auto accidents, work injuries, require specialized rehabilitation equipment to aid in their recovery. In addition those suffering from orthopedic conditions and neurological disorders also require the specialized rehabilitation equipment as well.

The need for rehabilitation equipment has increased as the demand for supplies of all types of products for the physical therapist, chiropractor, occupational therapists and attending facilities whose goal it is to help patients begin to regain their physical stability.

Types of Equipment

Physical therapists require rehabilitation equipment to help their patients to regain strength, and mobility in their injured muscles, joints and tendons. The rehabilitation equipment used in the physical therapists office might include weights, mats, balance balls, paraffin machines, hand grips, recumbent bikes among other things.

Rehabilitation equipment is also used by occupational therapists. They help their patients recover from illness or injury so that they may be able to go back to work. Some of the equipment they may require would be basic mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, canes, mobile scooters, ramps. In addition some of the patients may need an artificial limb or prosthetic. Another large demand for rehabilitation equipment comes from inhalation therapists who assist patients to breathe properly through the use of all types of tools that enable the patient to maintain clearer airways.

There are other specialties involved in the field of rehabilitation and recovery such as speech therapists, audiologist, dieticians and others. Each of these subspecialties requires which ever type of rehabilitation equipment that will assist and aid the patient with their disability.

Patients can get services in a variety of settings from hospitals to in-home care. Rehabilitation equipment is available to suit the needs of patients with a multitude of conditions. The equipment varies in usability and serviceability. Price ranges from expensive hospital models to small versatile pieces which the patient is easily able to use at home. Providers sell rehabilitation equipment directly on second party in store fronts or on line. This allows the patient the ability to seek a sustainable quality of life despite the illness or injury.

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