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About Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

For those with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation services help them to work. Vocational rehabilitation services are typically run by the state or a federal organization. They help disabled individuals by giving them access to multiple services including vocational counseling, training and job placement.

How the Process Works

Disabled individuals who want to work need to go to the vocational rehabilitation services that are in their state. The individual must then submit an application and meet with a vocational rehabilitation counselor to determine if they are eligible for the services and to work. The counselor’s decision on whether or not the disability interferes with work is considered along with the individual’s medical documentation.

How Vocational Rehabilitation Services Works

Typically, a state will have several regional offices for vocational rehabilitation services. All of these locations will have teams of experts who know the local job marketplace and any available community support services. This way those with disabilities who request vocational rehabilitation services will be able to get aid based on their specific needs.

Before any vocational rehabilitation services are started for an individual, a counselor will agree upon an Individual Employment Plan or IEP with the individual. This plan will help the disabled individual by being a map towards employment and eventual independence.

Who Needs Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational rehabilitation services are a good idea for anyone who needs assistance when returning to work after a serious injury. A person’s individual strengths and weaknesses are assessed by highly trained professionals to help them get back into the work place and achieve success.

Typically, vocational rehabilitation services are used by those who have had brain injuries or a stroke. Vocational rehabilitation services will work with these individuals to give them an individualized plan that will help them to get a job. Some of the service that is often used includes speech therapy, augmentative communication devices, re-training, job coaching and supportive employment.

While the goal with these services is always employment, the staff understands that everyone is different. Therefore, the staff always works by local community job and industry standards to place disabled individuals in all areas of the job field whether it is entry level, management or a professional career.

However, the staff doesn’t just work with the disabled. They also work with employers by giving them technical assistance, accessibility issues and other needs to help the employer work with disabled employees. Since the staffs are highly knowledgeable of the community, they are very adept at matching the right individual with the proper job opening. Once a disabled person can work again they are on their way towards gaining independence.

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