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About Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

What To Expect From Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

The human brain is a magnificent organ of the body that acts like a computer. Simply put, the brain is comprised of three separate components. Each of those components controls a certain aspect of the human body. The cerebral portion of the brain controls our thoughts and actions, the cerebellum regulates and coordinates our movements and the brain stem regulates and controls the bodily functions such as respiration and the beating of the heart. To protect this vital organ of the body, the brain is protected by the bones of the skull.

However, unfortunate events happen and despite our attempts to protect this vital organ, injuries to the brain sometimes occur. Examples of the causes of injuries to the brain could include automobile or motorcycle accidents, falls, strokes, tumors, near drowning, etc.

These types of injuries often adversely affect the lifestyle of the affected individual. Therefore a critical service to those individuals who have experienced this type of injury is through a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation program.

Programs Offered

A traumatic brain injury rehabilitation service is comprised of a series of programs that are designed to help restore the autonomy of the individual. Often, through a traumatic brain injury there may be a loss of various functions that the individual was once able to perform. Some of this functional loss could include impairment in their ability to speak, loss of motor functions, inability to socialize, loss of learned behaviors, etc.

A traumatic brain injury rehabilitation care facility will aid the individual in attempting to restore those lost functions by providing various programs. Some of these programs include speech therapy, physical exercise, learning or relearning of new skills, and occupational therapy.

In addition to these programs, the opportunities to learn various independent skills are presented. Some of these practical skills include learning how to cook, money management, learning different crafts, computer education, etc. Also, a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center may include workshops on résumé building, employment training and helping with job placement.


Often when a traumatized individual enters into a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation facility, the outcomes are remarkable. These encouraging results are not only seen in the learning and relearning of independent coping and work-related skills, but through a growth in their confidence level.

Generally, when an individual begins their treatment program, they are very unsure of themselves, traumatized not only physically but emotionally and exhibit a very low self-esteem. This low self-esteem is based on their perception that they are less of an individual because of their brain injury.

Through interaction with others and under the caring supervision of the staff at a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center, these traumatized individuals grow in confidence through the rehabilitation process. This growth is seen as they build on their successes and once again realize that they are contributing and independent members of society.


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