Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stroke Rehabilitation Can Help Restore the Quality Of Your Life

The unfortunate victims of stroke may need some form of stroke rehabilitation in order to lead what could be considered a normal lifestyle. Depending on the severity and position of the stroke, the needed rehabilitation will vary from person to person. When a person suffers a stroke, certain brain cells have died usually due to lack of blood and certain functions may be damaged with the death of the cells.

For some, a stroke may leave no lasting deficiencies and only a minimal amount of stroke rehabilitation will be necessary. For others, a stroke can have a life-altering effect on any one or several normal functions. A stroke can affect different functions depending on where in the brain it took place and how severely the function has been damaged.

Many times stroke rehabilitation will involve helping people learn to talk again as their stroke intervened with the part of the brain which controls their communication skills. Speech therapy involved in stroke rehabilitation often is directed into helping other parts of the person’s brain learn to control speech. It does not so much involve teaching someone to speak again as it does in training another part of the brain to control their ability to speak.

Rehabilitation Builds Strength And Confidence

The reasoning behind stroke rehabilitation is to help the person perform functions as well as they did prior to the stroke. It also helps build strength, self-confidence and coordination. Following a stoke the doctor will help determine what stroke rehabilitation may be necessary and what kind would be the most beneficial.

How fast a person can recover following a stroke depends on how severe the stroke was and stroke rehabilitation can begin once the person is in stable condition. As the brain begins to heal from the stroke, some of the conditions may begin to fix themselves without stroke rehabilitation of any kind.

Family members can play a big role in stroke rehabilitation, as one of the first issues noted by stroke victims is depression in knowing that certain changes are going to be inevitable in their lifestyle. A relative can meet with therapists involved in their family member’s stroke rehabilitation to see how they can play a role in the patient’s recovery process.

You can also encourage the family member to practice skills learned in stroke rehabilitation to possibly help speed recover as well as help improve their self-confidence in learning to perform basic functions over again.


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